How to Install Racing Seats

How to Install Racing Seats - Proper Racing Seat Mounting.
There are 3 main ways of mounting a racing seat to your car. Some are easier than others. We will discuss the Pros and Cons of each.
Best Method: Welded in seat base rails, slider rails and side mounts.
Pros: Strength, Safety, Positioning.
Cons: Requires welding, non-removable.

This method is the most useful as it allows for a perfectly positioned racing seat in addition to being the most secure mounting method. To achieve this type of installation you should have your cage builder weld in 2 round or square tubes across the floor in such a position that when the seat bottom is laid across the bars the driver position is acceptable. Square tubes allow direct attachment; round bars will require flat tabs to be added for the seat mounts to attach. A bottom or side mount seat can be bolted directly to the welded in bars. In addition, seat sliders may be bolted across these bars to give some for-aft adjustability. By spacing the sliders far enough apart, you can bolt the side mounts from a 'side mount seat' to the sliders. Care must be taken that the welded in bars are not installed in a location that will interfere with either the slide adjusters or the sub belts or their attachments. Obviously this is probably not the choice for most daily driven street cars. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Corbeau Custom Brackets: Bolt in using off the shelf bracket adapters.
Pros: Ease of installation, removable.
Cons: Seat sits higher, slightly more flexible, requires a bottom mount seat to prevent fabrication.

This is probably the most common mounting method as it requires no welding and can be done completely with purchased components and no custom fabrication. This method works best with bottom mount seats. Corbeau offers 100's of Custom racing seat brackets to fit most vehicles. Brackets bolt to stock mounting location and in most cases include mounting points for stock seat belt buckles if needed.


Floor Mount Method: For taller drivers or where the lowest center of gravity is required.
Pros: Strength, Safety, Removable, Lowest CG, Ease of installation.
Cons: Only for taller drivers, Non-adjustable.

Seats can be mounted directly to the floor if the driver is tall enough to see over the dash. Using this method the seat bottom can actually touch the floor giving the absolute lowest possible center of gravity for the driver. Seats that are side mount capable (such as the Corbeau FX1 and FX1 PRO) can use side mounts by themselves (no sliders) for a very simple installation. The side mount brackets should be bolted directly to the floor however the use of flat steel bars under the floor must be used to prevent the seat from pulling through the floor's thin sheet metal in the event of a crash. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Note: We are not responsible for any injury or death that results from improper mounting of your racing seat. If you are not experienced in preparing race cars, please seek out the advice of someone who is before you install your seat.
How to Install Racing Seats