Tips For Getting A Great Deal On A Used Vehicle

Tips For Getting A Great Deal On A Used Vehicle - You can get an excellent deal on a used car with a lot of life left in it if you're willing to put some effort into the search process and take a few precautions along the way. One of the main keys to getting an excellent deal on a used car is to buy from a party more interested in getting rid of or replacing the used car than interested in making a profit off it. Most of the time getting an excellent deal on a used car means not buying from a used car dealer, except when the dealer has had a particular car on the lot for a very long time.

However, you may want to get a car from someone who has mechanics and that has made the car run well. One alternative along this line is to buy your used car from a rental agency. You can get an excellent deal on a used car from a rental agency that is trying to clear inventory space for new car models. It is true that renters don't treat cars as well as owners, but few sources of used cars maintain their cars as well as car rental agencies. Most car rental agencies have full time or outsourced mechanic care to constantly keep the cars in good running condition. Further, they are usually not liquidating cars because of flaws, but rather to make space for new model rentals.

Of course, it has long been known that for the best deal on a used car, you buy it from the original owner. While original owners usually start with their prices high for emotional reasons, they don't usually make sales right away with their little newspaper or flier ads. Eventually reality sets in and they lower their prices or accept the best offer they get. You often get an excellent deal on a used car from the original owner because they have usually taken good care of the car.

The one thing to watch out for is some unscrupulous individuals put their used cars up for sale because their mechanic has told them some part of it is about to go bad. If the price is too good, consider that there may be a reason. Also, they may not have taken their car for as many tune-ups as they should have. They may not have even changed the oil half as often as they should have.

If you can't find an excellent deal on a used car in your local papers or on street corners, consider doing an online search. There are many sites that allow owners to list their cars and visitors to search for used cars in their areas. While you will be up against a greater number of buyers in your pursuit of an excellent deal on a used car, you will also have a lot more used cars to choose from.

Once you've found a good price on a used car, the key is to make sure the price is really good for the condition of the car. Do your homework and take the VIN number and get a vehicle history for any car you are considering purchasing. Don't tell the car seller you've gotten a history. Ask the seller questions and see if the seller is honest about the history. If they lie about something, they are probably being dishonest about everything.

Also, watch out for cars with accident histories. The car may look as good as any other car its age, but it may not function just as well and it may have cheap replacement parts in it. Cars that have had serious accidents or problems in the past are far more likely to continue having problems.

Finally, don't be hesitant to pay a mechanic to look over the car for you before you make your purchase decision. The mechanic may not see everything, but he will be able to pick out things you wouldn't pick out. A clean bill of health from a mechanic is not a guarantee, but it is really the best way to certify that you have gotten an excellent deal on a used car.
Tips For Getting A Great Deal On A Used Vehicle