Top 5 Car Performance Tips

Top 5 Car Performance Tips - Car performance is an essential activity that includes customization, modification, and tuning of various car parts that help to boost performance, drivability, and fuel efficiency.

There are numerous ways to ramp up the performance. Many of the Indian car consumers tune their old cars to improve performance but some of them even customize new cars as per their likes and aspirations. Whether new or used, car tuning gives a complete new looks to the car.

Here are some of the most helpful tips for ramping up the car performance:

Body Kits:

Body kits include a wide number of car accessories like front bumpers, headlights, taillights, and spoiler. Some kind of modification in these car parts helps maximize performance. A good bumper with air dams help to streamline the car to a great extent by allowing air to pass through the upper edge of the car without putting any pressure on the underneath of the car.

Side skirts are beneficial to increase the car’s stability on road, thereby delivering a better ride quality. Tuning the spoiler helps to add extra force on the rear wheel so that front wheels can be free of pressure. Headlights and taillights have nothing to do with performance but still many car enthusiasts customize these parts to add beauty and aesthetics to their cars.

Engine Tuning:

Engine tuning is the most essential part of car customization and modification as the car’s engine plays a vital role in performance. The best thing is to add a performance chip that directly boosts the engine’s power to about 10%. Apart from that try to replace all heavy-weight engine components with light-weight materials because lighter the engine, better will be the performance.

Changing of the cams is also beneficial to have better performance. This helps to deliver more horsepower and thereby more power with comparatively less fuel-consumption. Some of them also do porting and polishing of cam heads to have better flow of fuel. Another best way to improve car’s performance is to force induction engines like turbos and superchargers to the car. Any good mechanic can safely and successfully replace the existing car engines with customized ones.

Brake Performance:

Brake performance is also important when it comes to boosting car performance. These don’t directly participate in enhancing power but indirectly they influence the working of the car. A simple addition of performance brake pads and fixing of performance discs enhances the braking power as well as the car performance as they have better ability to withstand comparatively higher temperatures than the regular brake pads. Wheels Modification:

Wheels and tyres modification help to increase road stability and traction control. Replacement of chromed steel wheel is beneficial as those are heavier as compared to the OEM wheels. Heavy weight wheels eventually detract from the car performance as enhanced weight directly influences the delivered power and performance. Aluminium rims are lighter than chromed steel and will help increase performance.

Car Suspension:

Suspension also plays an integral role in reducing or increasing car performance. Addition of customized sway bars, strut bars, and coilover kits help attain a better suspension system. This helps to have a better hold during cornering and turning and also helps improve performance. Good components helps to maximize friction between tyres and the road, which eventually delivers a better and smoother ride quality even on bumpy roads.
Top 5 Car Performance Tips