Why I'll Never Drive Without Rubber Floormats

Why I'll Never Drive Without Rubber Floormats - I’ve always been a frugal person, saving every penny and trying to build up my savings. Some people thought I was just a tightwad, but the truth was that I was saving up for a very special purchase: a ’67 Mustang! For some reason I have always loved the bold stylings of Mustangs and I was really excited when I finally got mine and drove it into my garage.

For the first week, I never even took it out. Instead, I spent every minute I could waxing and kissing its surface, and tenderly vacuuming every crevice.

Finally, the big day arrived. I turned the key and slowly drove out into afternoon sunshine. My first stop was my friend Tim’s house. He was wowed by the car and insisted that we go out on a drive. His dog Champ leapt in the car with us. Little did I know that Champ would be the cause of my worst nightmare. A few minutes after we started driving, Champ started whimpering and making strange noises. A pungent odor began to fill the air. Tim and I turned to look and we simultaneously screamed: “Ahhh! Doggy diarrhea!”

It was true. My interior had been befouled.

The next day was gross and heartbreaking, but I managed to clean up the mess. Then I laid my hands on the hood of the car and swore a sacred oath: “I swear by Ford that I will henceforth allow no creature to soil thy interior.”

I went online and began to research all the floormat options that are available nowadays. From carpeted to all-weather, it seemed that there was something for every situation. Then, I saw what I was looking for: rubber floor mats. Just as you shouldn’t hit the nightclubs without a few rubbers in your pocket, you shouldn’t drive without quality rubbers in your car. This goes double if you live in proximity to a canine with an explosive diarrhea disease.

It was great because the mats were made for a customized fit and could be easily hosed off should a spill happen. Plus, the underside was ridged so the thing would stay put and not slide around.

If your looking for automobile accessories, I’d recommend checking out a quality set of car mats, and in particular, rubber floor mats.
Why I'll Never Drive Without Rubber Floormats