Why to Use Car Seat Belts

Why to Use Car Seat Belts - A seat belt, also known as safety belt, is a safety feature designed to secure the driver and vehicle passengers against injury in a collision. A typical car seatbelt consists of a lap belt and a shoulder belt. Lap belt rests over the driver’s pelvis whereas the shoulder belt extends across the chest.

These are by far the most important safety feature but unfortunately many people simply ignore the usage just because they are uncomfortable. It’s always good to remember that safety belts take only few seconds to wear but death is forever. The main job of the seat belt is to minimize damage during a collision by spreading the stopping force across sturdier and durable parts of the body.

During an abrupt stop, seat belts keep the driver from flying through the windshield and the dashboard due to inertia. If the car is speeding at 60 miles per hour, and all of sudden there is a stop, the driver of the car will flew through the windshield at 60 miles per hour if he is not wearing a seat belt. If the driver is thrown out of the car with such a high force, then he can be severely injured or even killed.

Seat belts actually help to exert force on the driver and other passengers to slow down the action of inertia and protect the passengers from severe damage. So, it’s always better to take a few seconds to buckle up the seat belt and save your own life.

The reason why car seatbelts secure the driver and passengers against injury is because these are powerful and have the ability to extend and retract. This means that seat belts help the driver to lean forward while the belt stays taut. But in case of a collision the same belt secures the driver tightly in his position. Being tighten up in a place prevents the driver from being thrown out through the car windshield.

In India, nearly about 50% of the car accidents resulting in fatalities is because people not wearing seat belts. It is believed that in 2002 nearly about 7153 people have been ejected out of the vehicle and killed.

Today, all the new cars available in India are loaded with seat belts but unfortunately many of the car drivers have complaints regarding these belts. Some say these are uncomfortable, some say these crumple their clothes, and some just don’t feel like wearing and so on. Whatever the case be, however long you travel, wearing a seat belt is as important as saving your own life.
Why to Use Car Seat Belts