Saving Gas Tips for the Road Ahead

Saving Gas Tips for the Road Ahead - While gas prices have fallen in recent days due to lower demand from consumers who are stretching every drop, it is still foreseeable that the price at the pump will eventually start to rise again. A few of the most popular tips include:

Empty your car of useless items – Every bit of extra stuff your car has to haul around is adding to its weight, which in turn caused more fuel to be burned.

Drive behind semi trucks – Most people hate being stuck in a lane behind the big rigs, but keep in mind a truck ahead of you will force you keep you speed constant. The semi’s bulk also pushes air out of the way creating less resistance.

Take fewer trips – For example, swing by the grocery store on your way back from work rather than take an extra trip. This way, the engine is already hot and ready to go and a couple extra miles can be saved.

Turn off your AC – When driving at low speeds, try turning off your AC and opening the windows. However, when traveling at higher speeds closing windows will cut down on air resistance and make the car more aerodynamic.

Inflate your tires – Keeping your tires inflated and even over-inflated will help in reducing friction and slightly improve mpg.

Those with trucks are well aware of the constraints placed on them fuel-wise. One possible source of relief is to look into investing in a power programmer to help boost the vehicle’s engine efficiency. These programmers are available for both gas and diesel engines, and can aid in boosting miles per gallon. They also come equipped with a range of diagnostics and can increase an engine’s overall power.
Saving Gas Tips for the Road Ahead