Top 5 Tips to Maintain Car

Top 5 Tips to Maintain Car - In the recent years, the population of the car in India is increasing rapidly. Every individual owns a car, which has become a necessity where once it was known as luxury. Keeping a car is not an important task but the most important thing being maintaining it well and intact is where many of them lack in today’s world. There are only a few steps to be followed to extend the life of a vehicle and concurrently reducing the chances of mechanical mishaps.

Here are a few tips to help you with car maintenance:

1. Follow Service Book Schedule: When a new vehicle is bought from a dealer keep a check on the service book and leave the car for service as per the instructions provided in the service book. Many of the car owners pay little or no attention to their vehicle maintenance schedule as lay out by the manufacturer. Following the service book is really necessary because when a new vehicle is bought it will have the information that the vehicle should be serviced within 3 to 4 months or may be there will be a limit of kilometers the car is driven. When a used car is bought, make sure that you have the service book and you continue with the service book in the future. Getting your car serviced at regular intervals is a way to keep your car in good condition and for a longer period. Never skip you services and should be serviced according to the instructions provided in the book.

2. Regular Checks on Fluids and Tire Pressure: Many of the car owners think that it is difficult to make regular checks on tire pressure and fluids, but they are actually very easy to be done. It hardly takes 10 minutes of your time. Here is a procedure; first of all you need to do this when the engine is cool. Checks need to be made on the radiator oil, brake oil, power steering oil. Also, check on the hoses and belts for any signs of wear or imminent failure. Start the car and after it warms up, check the transmission fluid level. When the tires are cool, use a pressure gauge to make sure each tire has the proper pressure according to the owner's manual and/or tire manufacturer. This procedure should be done once in a month except for the tire pressure which should be checked once in a week or 10 days.

3. Start your vehicle easily: Many of the owners face starting problem with their cars. If you follow a few steps then one would not find this as a problem. First, a cold engine (one that is idle for more than five hours) will have very little or no oil left on the moving parts because it would have all soaked down into the oil pan. Therefore, it takes only a few seconds after starting the vehicle for the oil pump to effectively lubricate an engine. After starting the engine leave it at least for 30 seconds (longer if it has been idle of more than 24 hours), before changing the gears and driving off the car.

4. Use a single high-grade fuel: Always use a high-grade fuel to keep your car running smoothly. Using the highest quality fuel is another small investment that will give big returns on both performance and long-term engine life. Therefore, it is always better to use a single high-grade fuel and frequent changes of petrol or diesel also will hamper the engines life. Check owner's manual when choosing what grade of fuel to use.

5. Fuel Economy: While driving ensures that for every 10 miles per hour, you reduce speed, and improve fuel economy. Staying at or a bit below the speed limit can have a big impact on the environment and offers a good mileage.

Thus if you follow these steps then you can keep your car in real good condition and even driver for a longer time.
Top 5 Tips to Maintain Car